Drink Responsibly

Please remember to drink responsibly.
See Sites below for more information

United States The Century Councilwww.centurycouncil.org
Drink Wisewww.drinkwise.com.au
Canada Educ’alcoolwww.educalcool.qc.ca
Czech Republic Forum-psrwww.forum-psr.cz
Denmark GODAwww.goda.dk
European Union The European Forum for Responsible Drinkingefrd.org
France Entreprise et Preventionwww.ep.soifdevivre.com
Hungary Hungarian Association for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (HAFRAC)www.hafrac.com
Ireland MEAS – Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Societywww.meas.ie
Ireland DrinkAware (Ireland)www.drinkaware.ie
Malta The Sense Groupwww.thesensegrouponline.org
Mexico FISACwww.alcoholinformate.org.mx
Netherlands STIVAwww.stiva.nl
South Africa ARAwww.ara.co.za
Spain Fundación Alcohol y Sociedadwww.alcoholysociedad.org
Taiwan Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forumwww.tbaf.org.tw
United Kingdom The Portman Groupwww.portman-group.org.uk
United Kingdom DrinkAware (UK)www.drinkaware.co.uk

Where do you live?